Saturday, February 22, 2014



Why do Mormon's have temples?

This is a picture of the Gilbert Arizona Temple which will be dedicated in March.  Members of the church invite their friends to come see the temple before it is dedicated.  After it is dedicated, only members of the church with a recommend from their bishop can attend the temple. 

Temples are sacred places where we can go to feel the spirit of the Lord.  My husband and I will be working in the Gilbert Arizona Temple. 

When I am in the temple, I forget about the cares of the world.  It gives me the opportunity to reflect on my blessings and contemplate how I can be a better person.  The temple is a very important part of my life.

My husband and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple.  Our marriage is not until death, but for eternity.  We work really hard to build our marriage relationship so that we will want to be together forever.  We go on weekly dates and take advantage of our time together.  The temple is a symbol of our eternal commitment to each other.

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